Sunday, 14 July 2013

Bunting cake

Bunting cake

Nothing says "summer party!" quite like bunting. Well except maybe Pimms. And a barbecue. But that still makes it the first, second, third most important part of a summer party so I thought it would be a fabulous theme for a cake I was baking for a family summer party this weekend.

Our young cousins from New Zealand were visiting the family and everyone would be getting together so I wanted to make something quite fun. It was also really important that I could easily transport the cake on the train from London up to Yorkshire - a squashed cake is soooo not a good look - so it had to be single tier without too many fragile components.

I'd already pinned this FABULOUS bunting cake on Pinterest so borrowed heavily from it for this design. I was a bit reluctant to make yet another pink cake but I already had this sensational spotty ribbon that really complemented the patterns and made pink the obvious choice.

There was actually a reasonable amount of maths involved in the design. I made sure the bunting tessellated so I could make it efficiently. It then follows a visually appealing sequence of colours (blue, purple, green, blue...) and designs (spots, stripes, spots...) 

Making sugarpaste bunting

The bunting itself is, as always for me, make with regular supermarket sugarpaste with added Tylo powder that allows you to manipulate it really easily - in this case giving the ability to roll is extremely thinly. It was then simply stuck to the cake with edible glue.

Making sugarpaste bunting

After I got to the party I added the hanging string of bunting. To make this I had stuck triangles together with some paper coated sugar floristry wire between. It was then hung between a couple of cake pop sticks.

Layers of cake

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