Sunday, 10 March 2013

The music man

Piano and piano cake
Can you keep a secret? Sssshh. Come closer and I'll tell you; the Wee Greenwich Bakery isn't in Greenwich anymore! 

Much as we loved our wee Greenwich flat we had outgrown it and longed for outside space and more room to keep all our cookbooks and cake tins. Mr. M wanted a piano and a vegetable garden and I wanted a rabbit so we moved out of London and into a little house last year.

Well this week Mr. M finally got his piano. It was partially a birthday present and partially paid for with some kind wedding present money that we'd set aside for something really special.

To celebrate the occasion I also baked him a piano themed birthday cake. It was all a bit of a rush - I had about three hours after getting home from work to bake and ice the cake from scratch for Stuart to take to work the next day. This certainly isn't my best decoration ever but not bad for an evening's work! The cake was much appreciated and was apparently very delicious :)

Piano cake

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